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Twenty-year-old defender returned to the front on a prosthesis

Photo: screen of the video

Yegor Oliynyk, a 20-year-old soldier, has been fighting on a prosthetic leg for over a year. The soldier lost his leg in the first year of the full-scale invasion.

"One can only envy his positive attitude and sense of humour," the Unbroken rehabilitation centre says about the defender.

Yehor joined the army as soon as he came of age. A few weeks later, the full-scale invasion began. In September 2022, Yehor was injured by a mine in Donetsk region, and at the end of the same year he was confidently walking on a prosthesis and later returned to the front.

The soldier is still defending Ukraine: he performs combat missions and goes on attacks.
"On 24 February two years ago, it all started for me at the training ground. The commander came to us and said: "War! Quickly to the cars!".

We went to Brovary. For a long time I could not believe that the war had started until I saw the Russians and we started shooting," says the defender.

He adds that the war taught him to appreciate life, "because it passes very quickly and unnoticed".

"I realised that there is no need to quarrel with my parents and friends, because we may not have the opportunity to see each other and make up," he says.

The guy talks about life with a prosthesis with a smile:

"Before I was injured, I was mobile, and now I'm a bit slow, but it's not scary. Firstly, it's not cold. Secondly, socks save me. And if your foot gets wet, it's no big deal. Not getting cold is also a plus."