19:10 / 25.03.2024 Киев

Russians hit art academy in Kiev with rockets

On 25 March, Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on Kiev, targeting the Mykhailo Boychuk Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design. The sports hall, congress hall and exhibition centre are now completely destroyed.

As of 17:00, ten people were reported injured in this morning's attack, among them the head of the Academy's laboratory.
One of the teachers of the Boychuk Academy, artist Miroslav Vajda, showed how one of the Academy's studios looks like, which was damaged by the missile strike. Windows flew out of the room, pieces of the ceiling fell, the floor and surfaces were covered with glass. At the time of the strike, a first-year painting class was in progress in the room.

"This is how the 45th workshop, in which I was conducting painting with the first course, looks like from inside now. Non-humans got into the Michael Boychuk Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design. We were saved by a miracle and the fact that we managed to fall to the floor in time. I hug my students," Miroslav Vajda wrote on his Facebook.

@Myroslav Vayda/Facebook
Photo: Myroslav Vayda/Facebook
@Myroslav Vayda/Facebook